Performance Display

Performance Display

Before any consumers decide to purchase, they may be interrupted and thus suspend their payment by many different factors. However, compared with other potential customers, these customers still have a higher opportunity to become your real consumers as they have shown their interest in your products.

Our "Performance Display" services allow you to get closer to these customers, display your message to them at critical moments, draw them to re-visit your website and complete their purchases.

Our performance display services includes:

⦁ Track the visitors who have visited your website and APP
⦁ Analyze and understand your visitors' need and habits.
⦁ Create personalized ads for these visitors.
⦁ Provide key information that they have yet received on the website and APP

You may display your message to the target customer in batches via our "Performance Display" service in order to enhance your return on investment by achieving highest advertising effectiveness at the lowest cost.

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