LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a business- and professional-oriented social media platform. Its registered users are over 500 million.

LinkedIn is more focused on business than other social media platforms, its main users include professionals, professional groups and the senior in different industries and corporations. Through LinkedIn, users may connect with the elite of different industries around the world, maintain and expand their own social network.

We will set up the business page on LinkedIn and keep your account running with up-to-date content. The LinkedIn users mainly expected to see the more practical information, such as the industry-related content and news, rather than leisure and fun post. We will source and publish industry-related and high-quality information to attract other professionals to visit and follow the page so as to achieve the expansion of social networking and the increase influence of your brand in the industry.

In view of the platform characteristics, the user information in LinkedIn is more detailed than other major social media platforms, which allow easier and more accurate collection of information. We can therefore advertise based on different specific areas, industries, positions, gender and age to reach the best potential target customers and ensure the marketing plan are running effectively. We will also evaluate and monitor the ad performances including the visits and click through rates, and provide detailed reports regularly to ensure the ads can create benefits for your business.

The business- and professional-orientation of LinkedIn allows your brand to reach the management and decision makers of other brands more easily, which is beneficial for B2B-based business. Upon receiving messages and inquiries, we can reply on your behalf in a professional manner to help you grab every opportunity.

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Search Engine Marketing

We provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Google, BING, Yahoo, 360, Baidu and more.

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Get Connected with your Fans!
Social Media Marketing

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The Possibility at your Finger-tips
Digital Platform Development

We work on Digital Platform Development, which includes Responsive Website, Mobile Site, Mobile Application, e-Commerce Platform, e-Shopping and Mini Game / Campaign sites.

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Your Name Matters
Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the key to preserve and enhance brand image and reputation of your company, business, brand, products and services.

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Other Services
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