Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is the largest social media platform, and its current monthly active users are close to 2 billion people.

The first batch of Facebook users mainly comes from the Y generation who had been active on the Internet then. With the development, Facebook integrates most users' daily life and build up an inherent, large interpersonal network, which attracts the elders and new generations to contact with social media platforms. Therefore, Facebook users cover vast majority of age.

Setting up a Facebook Fanpage is the first step to enter social media marketing. We can establish and manage the Facebook Fanpage. We will update the page with high-quality contents under the concept of content marketing, maintaining the passion and curiosity of fans, which aims to attract them to visit the Fanpage as a habit and lead them to the official website and online store.

The Facebook users update their daily life, follow their friend's status, contact with others and discover funny posts in the platform. We will provide practical and informative contents, and re-pack your products or services in an interesting style to draw the fan interaction. The ""like"" and ""share"" from fans both can enhance the coverage. Also, we will advertise your Fanpage on Facebook to reach more potential customers and gain the amount of exposure.

We also help reply the comments and message from customers, solve their problem in a friendly and intimate manner, and build rapport.

Analysing Facebook insight report, and determine the fans information and response are of the same importance. Based on the conclusion, we can create the content popular with fans. At the same time, we will monitor the effectiveness of ads through the feedback of Facebook, which allows the location of the target audience more accurately.

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