China Marketing

China Marketing

Many companies are seeking opportunity to expand their business in the Chinese market. However, under the unique environment and affected by different reasons, connecting to common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube in China is impossible, making most businesses encounter difficulties before they even enter the market.

Before entering the Chinese market, it is crucial to understand its local culture, language and behavior. We can provide strategic marketing plans to help develop business and enter the core of the Chinese market.

Our experienced China marketing team will:

⦁ Establish the official website for the Chinese market based on your brand image and your needs
⦁ Provide keyword marketing in Chinese search engine such as Baidu
⦁ Set up Weibo's enterprise account and WeChat's official account to work on social media marketing
⦁ Create copy which in line with the Chinese Cyberculture and the trend of China

Let everyone sees you!
Search Engine Marketing

We provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Google, BING, Yahoo, 360, Baidu and more.

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Get Connected with your Fans!
Social Media Marketing

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The Possibility at your Finger-tips
Digital Platform Development

We work on Digital Platform Development, which includes Responsive Website, Mobile Site, Mobile Application, e-Commerce Platform, e-Shopping and Mini Game / Campaign sites.

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Your Name Matters
Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the key to preserve and enhance brand image and reputation of your company, business, brand, products and services.

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We are more than what you think...
Other Services
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